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Animus Anthem is an animated webseries (that's the professional way to tell strangers that you make internet cartoons for a living) designed to provide information on mathematics, science, and engineering in a narrative format. In other words, material is presented not by rote recitation of facts, but by observation, experimentation, and a whole lot of yelling-the way science was meant to be done.

The series will also retrace the thought processes of pioneering scientists by presenting and interpreting their original publications, allowing viewers to experience the fun of discovery for themselves. The series will cover the topics of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, differential equations, Newtonian physics, thermodynamics / statistical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, relativity, and quantum mechanics, along with circuit components, circuit design, signal processing, and anything else the author has time to learn and shout about to strangers. No prior experience with mathematics or physics is necessary.

Also, there will be explosions. A good science education isn't complete without a generous amount of explosions.

Animus Anthem is written and produced by Alex Hallden-Abberton, who is too stubborn to get a real job, but is not too stubborn to shamelessly panhandle to support himself. He can be contacted (eventually*) at alex@animusanthem.com.

*Disclaimer: I'm a bit slow with answering emails. If I haven't responded to you yet, check back in an ice age or two.


What software do you use to create the show?
Since I'm on a budget of exactly zero dollars, everything is done using free software. The programs I use are:

  • GIMP: Image processing software; used for drawing all objects. Like a free version of Photoshop.
  • Blender: 3D Animation software; used for all animations. Recently renovated their entire engine to do realistic ray-tracing, so it creates amazing-quality renders for free! For my purposes, though, I just need texture-less 2D figures to move around.
  • LMMS: Linux Multi-Media Studio; used for composing and performing all music. Despite the name, it actually runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.
  • DSK Overture Plugin: Third-party add-ons for LMMS that give you more realistic-sounding instruments.
  • Audacity: Audio manipulation software used to record streaming audio, modify sound effects, edit instrument sounds for music, apply audio filters to remove background noise from microphone recordings, etc.
  • Logbook Organizer: Software made by my friend Chris Tralie used to tag individual html entries to make them fast and easy to search. Useful for keeping organized documentation.
  • Bootstrap: A collection of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) presets developed by the people at Twitter for creating easy-to-read, mobile device-compatible webpages like this one (hint: check what happens to this page when you resize your browser window :-D).
  • Notepad++: A useful text editor that highlights HTML tags and allows the user to expand and collapse code in groups. Useful for web design.

Where can I send questions?
My email address is alex@animusanthem.com. I'll do my best to get back to you in a timely (see: this epoch) manner. If I get a particular question from enough people, I'll add it to the FAQ section.